Professional Services
The Tolleson Limited Company (TLC) provides full service planning, management and geo-civil engineering services. TLC is structured to respond to our government, municipal and private sector clients’ needs in the most cost efficient manner possible. We assign a small core group of professionals to our client’s projects and we maintain a very low overhead. We deliver on time and under budget for our clients.
Through our national and international experience base, TLC provides civil engineering, planning and design for government, private sector, rural and municipal clientele. 

Municipal & Water Resource

We provide flood and FEMA mapping in combination with full range of hydraulic and hydrology studies and designs. We are experienced in water quality modeling and industrial discharge permitting.

Environment & Energy

The TLC Corporation is a technology based consultancy. Sustainable development and energy efficiency are within our core competency. We are engaged in facility-wide energy audits representing more than 200,000 SF of building space. At the national level we are active members of the US Chamber of Commerce Energy Committee. We participate in national policy making on global warming, carbon credits and greenhouse gas emissions.

Resort Development / Geo-Coastal Services

The TLC corporation in collaboration with our subsidiary MTE Limited have extensive exclusive resort development consulting experience dating more than 15 years. We understand the feasibility planning and waterfront development risk capital demands on project performance. Call us for an initial interview on our advisory capabilities for you project.
TLC / MTE Limited is located on Providenciales. We service the entire Caicos Islands from this location and are equipment with mobile laboratory, office and field equipment to mobilize anywhere in the Caribbean. We provide a full range of site development, overwater investigation and permitting for coastal projects.

Shoreline GeoMechanics

The Turks & Caicos Islands are situated on a carbonate platform that rises thousands of feet from the native sea floor. Understanding this unique geo-marine environment plays a crucial role in land development.

Infrastructure & Transportation

At Tolleson Limited we utilize state of the art GIS & Remote sensing techniques to provide transportation, civil and geotechnical studies and planning.

Public Parks & Recreation Services

We provide civil planning and feasibility studies for a wide range of outdoor recreational facilities including playgrounds, trails sports fields, shelters and amphitheatres. We work closely with the architectural team to design environmentally sustainable public facilities.

Geotechnical Engineering

The Tolleson limited Company specializes in all aspects of foundation engineering and geomechanics. Our specialty service include seismic evaluations, overwater foundations and dredge suitability studies for sand sourcing in beach nourishment. We are well known for practical design & design support to structural teams.

Construction Management & Inspections

The Tolleson Limited Company has extensive heavy construction experience on roadways, dams, airport runways and exclusive resort developments in the Caribbean islands. We understand construction scheduling and quality control programs. Call us for advice on your next project. We work collaboratively with your team.

GIS & Remote Sensing

The Tolleson Limited Company are board licensed GIS Surveyors. We utilize state of the art techniques in that blend geographic information specializations with traditional geo-civil engineering.
We commonly utilize high resolution sub-meter satellite and digital frame ortho images in our base mapping of significant site development.

Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development requires a balanced approach to land planning, land use and energy efficiency. The water cycle must be understood and the relationship and interdependence of human impacts and ecosystems must be considered.