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Building the future

Construction Engineering 


Building the future

South Caicos International Airport (XSC)
Runaway Extension & Pavement Overlay

Served as Engineer-of-Record full time resident QA/QC team on implementation and oversight during construction of ICAO international airport runway extension. Full time resident engineer and crew. 12 months construction period. Turks & Caicos Island ( BWI).


Island of South Caicos
Turks & Caicos (BWI)


  • Construction Engineering
  • Asphalt Mix Design / Pavements
  • Concrete Pavements
  • Drainage Improvements


Turk Caicos Aviation  Authority South Caicos Island Turks Caicos ( BWI)

SC Aeronautics Commission Asphalt Pavement Rejuvenate (2)
Runaway Extension & Pavement Overlay
Runaway Extension & Pavement Overlay

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